Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anand Vs Carlsen | Game - 3 | Fide World Chess Championship

It Was Really Very Interesting Game. But It Finally Ended With a Draw
Carlsen - White
Anand - Black

Game may contain optional moves .

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanatahan Anand

Carlsen - White
Anand  - Black
Result   - 1-0

Saturday, August 24, 2013


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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Interview With Pradeep Kumar

Here I Have Interviewed  Pradeep Kumar From Chennai With FIDE Rating 2252 .

1] How old were you when you learned to play chess? and who was your first coach ?
= My father was my fast coach i started playing chess at age of 11 .

2] Is chess your career ? If Yes How Does Online Gaming Help You?
=  Yes chess is my profession right now..playing online is for fun and getting new friends abroad,,sometimes i check my opening preparation by playing online.

3] What Is Your Goal Or Ambition ?
= Of course to become Grand Master ,short time is to become an IM . I have Only one norm so looking forward to get two more norms. 

4] What Are your outside interests ?
= I love Watching cricket & tennis and listen to music .I just Love Sports.

5] Who do you think is your top/best opponent ?
=  Game with vishy (Vishwanathan Anand ) was dream come true in 2005..My crucial game was with           GM zherebukh yaroslav where i need a win to get IM norm which i did made it .

6] What Is Your Advice To Begginers ?
= Read as many books as possible avoid playing online..practice in chess board rather than a computer..work hard on chess basics,,complete chess course book and yours first move book.

7] Which Was The Best Tournament That You Won ?
= Stood Second In National U-17.  First in State in U-20. Represented India In World And Asia.
    Won the second UKCA Open Held at Mangalore.

Thank You For Joining us. We Wish You All The Best For you Future . Let All your Dreams Come True .

Friday, April 26, 2013

Best Game

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Magnus Carlsen

Full Name                :  Sven Magnus Øen Carlsen 
Born On                    :  30 November 1990 
Nationality                :  Norway
Main Achievements  :  # Grand Master In The Age Of 13 years      .                                             # World No.1 At The Age Of 19.

                                 For More Information Check Source :http://en.wikipedia.org/

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chess Quote of The Day

Magnus Carlsen (2012).jpgI started by just sitting by the chessboard exploring things. I didn't even have books at first, and I just played by myself. I learnt a lot from that, and I feel that it is a big reason why I now have a good intuitive understanding of chess. 

 -  Magnus Carlsen

Quote Source : www.chessquotes.com
Image Suorce : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus_Carlsen

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