Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chess Facts

1]Rookies or, players in their first year, are named after the Rook in Chess.  Rooks generally are the last pieces to be moved into action, and the same goes for Rookies.

2]The first mechanical Chess Clock was invented by Thomas Wilson in 1883. Prior to that, Sandglasses were used. Sandglasses were first used in London in 1862. The present day push-button Clock was first perfected by Veenhoff in 1900.

3]The first Computer program that played proper Chess was written at MIT by Alex Bernstein in 1959.  The first Chess tournament in which the only players were Computer programs was held in New York in 1970.

4]The number of possibilities of a Knight's tour is over 122 million.

5]In 1985, Eric Knoppert played 500 games of 10-minute Chess in 68 hours.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chess Facts

1] The longest chess game  approximately possible is 5,949 moves.

2] Record of moves without capture is of 100 moves the Match between Thorton and  Walker in 1992.

3] After both side has played 3 moves,  pieces could form any one of over nine million  positions on the board.

4]Longest time recorded for a Chess player to make a move, goes to the International Grand Master Trois  with 2 hours and 20 minutes on the 7th move.

5]First mention of Chess game in America was in the year of 1641 in Esther Singleton's history of Dutch settlers. First American Chess tournament was held at New York in 1843.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chess Facts

1]The Chinese Emperor Wen-ti executed two foreign Chess Players after learning that one of the pieces was called 'Emperor.' He was upset that his title of Emperor could be associated with a mere game and forbade the game.

2]During World War II, some of the top Chess players were also code breakers. British masters Harry Golombek, Stuart Milner-Barry and H. O'D. Alexander were on the team which broke the Nazi Enigma code.

3]According to the America's Foundation for Chess, there are 169, 518, 829, 100, 544, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 ways to play the first 10 moves of a game of Chess

4]Blathy, Otto (1860-1939), credited for creating the longest Chess Problem, mate in 290 moves.

5]The shortest game ending in mate after two moves: 1. g4 e6 or e5, 2. f3 or f4 Qh4 mate.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chess Facts

1]There were 72 consecutive Queen moves in the Mason-Mackenzie game at London in 1882.

2]The number of possibilities of a Knight's tour is over 122 million.

3]From the starting position, there are eight different ways to Mate in two moves and 355 different ways to Mate in three moves.

4]Dr. Emanuel Lasker from Germany retained the World Chess Champion title for more time than any other player ever: 26 years and 337 days.

5]The worst loss by a player was Macleod of Canada who lost 31 games in the New York double-round robin of 1889.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chess Facts

1]The rook is named from an Arabic word rukh, meaning chariot.

2]Folding chess board was invented by a priest in the medieval ages.

3]The match between Britton and Crouch in 1984, the Black player Checked his opponent 43 consecutive times!

4]The first Chessboard with alternating light and dark squares appears in Europe in 1090.

5]The very first postage stamp of a Chess motif was issued in Bulgaria in 1947.

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